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"Some of our players have become more concerned about the artificial ingredients in popular sports drinks.  They have turned to COCO5 to become an integral part of their hydration process during our long season.  They like the taste and the natural ingredients.”



-Michael Hannegan, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Anaheim Ducks



"My son has all kinds of allergies but can drink COCO5. And let’s face it, most electrolyte drinks are full of sugar anyways. He was fortunate enough to get a taste from an NHL star who drinks it…and fell in love."




-Cindll B., COCO5 Customer


"Best coconut water I have ever had. A friend recommended it and I was hesitant, I've never had coconut water I've liked. My daughters even enjoined it. The biggest critic in our family, my 16 year old special needs daughter, who is on a purée diet, LOVED IT!   That's a win for me!!“



-Bobbi H., COCO5 Customer


"My granddaughter is a goalie and played in Cleveland Lady Barons Tournament where COCO5 provided drinks for all the players. My granddaughter not only loves the product, but she also said it really helped her play the game. She always asks me to buy it for her now."



-Mary B., COCO5 Customer