COCO5 Events

Shamrock Showcase - Notre Dame                                                                             COCO5 and Mariano's Sponsored Meet and Greet with Andrew Shaw

COCO5 sponsored a youth hockey team for the Shamrock Showcase at Notre Dame on March 10th-12th.                        Fans lined up at the New City Mariano's for a chance to meet Andrew Shaw. COCO5 sponsored the event and kept

This hockey team hydrated the right way for the tournament.                                                                                                 fans hydrated along the way with samples of COCO5.


COCO5 attends Spring Training                                                                                    Everyone loves COCO5! Take a look for yourself.

The team at COCO5 attended Spring Training in Arizona back in March. At COCO5, we understand rehydrating                 A slideshow of pictures from our COCO5 Street Team; new clients; youth athletes and more.

is important and doing it naturally (and delicious) is just as important to us as well.                                                                Thank you to our COCO5 consumers and clients for sharing these awesome pictures!


COCO5 Attends Community Events

Whole Foods Grand Opening in Lakeview; The Good Food Festival; and collaborates with like-minded and health conscious brands on product demos.


Yoga + Mimosa at Willis Tower

COCO5 participated in Yoga Six's Yoga + Mimosa event. Attendees enjoyed yoga with a view at the Skydeck and enjoyed a COCO5 mimosa afterwards.